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Wembley Record Fair, London, 28/11/2004
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Deal or Done? Record Fair 1 Record Fair 2 Hectorial Stu
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Cads Olly Aerial view of the fair car Olly fills his face
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Just one more slice Several pizzas later Fair play 
The Review of the day

Well with the news of a record fair at wembley on the cards for the end of November we thought that it would be a good idea to have a mini meet up. Eventees for the day included Myself, Hectorial, Stuart, Cads and Olly. I met with Hector and Stuart the day before and enjoyed a few drinks, a meal and some bar billiards in Stuarts local in Seven Oaks. Hectorial who always likes to think of himself as the Pool/Snooker player of the century (he does usually win) found himself challenged by my good self who is a self confessed Pool/Snooker amature/dog shit player. I felt pretty good about this. I think that with relevant handicaps I was the winner by a long stretch!

The main event started early the next day and we were not disappointed when we arrived there fashionably late! To start with there was Hector, Stuart and myself in the fold while we waited for Cads and Olly to arrive. Hector got a little stressed at the lack of cash facilities in the hall but soon found a dispenser that was only a short bus ride away. I picked up a couple of nice items including the bootleg LP "The Metalli Live" and a mislabeled Creeping death Blue Vinyl which were nice little finds.

Once Cads and Olly showed up after finding the Tube cancelled and having to find there way by bus the event was in full swing. We all walked around the fair together and I don't think anyone left empty handed. Once we had scoured every stall at the fair it was time to say goodbye to Hector and Stuart who had to leave early. Cadshire, Ollshire and Myselfshire then descended into everyone's favorite city London for an afternoon of frivolities! We started out by having a look around a few shops and then found ourselves drawn into a special shop that one of Ollys friends worked at (although they were not there today). It was a magazine/DVD/toy shop and I think we were all tempted to make an impulse purchase but held back after the purchases from earlier on in the day.

By now it was about 3 pm and Olly had already sunk his teeth into mine and cads thighs so we though we better get him some food before it was too late. The cries from Olly were "I want to eat as much as I can" and "I want an all you can eat buffet" we promptly satisfied this craving with a trip to an eat as much as you could Pizza establishment. Olly was like a kid in a toy shop he loaded his plate sky high and ate like he had not seen food in at least a couple of hours! At this point I would like to say that I did not fair to badly myself and managed to match Olly slice for slice until in the end his regularly exercised distended stomach took the grand prize as he slid another slice away. Well done Olly you won the grand prize in the Pizzathon.

All that was left to do now before we had to make our way back home was to check out the guitar shops on the way back to the tube station. It was a super day and very filling from all angles!

Steve 2004



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