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Metallica - Dark Souls
• Special Feature Information:
° The complete and unauthorised biography of Metallica 
° Over 40 minutes of in-depth interviews with the band and those close to them 
° Exclusive and previously unseen film footage 
° Insider revelations on all band members
Released by: Chrome Dreams Production

Recording Location & Date: June 16, 2003

The Band: 
James Hetfield - Guitar, Vocals
Lars Ulrich - Drums
Kirk Hammett - Lead Guitar
Jason Newsted - Bass




An unauthorised biography of Metallica, featuring interviews and exclusive film footage.

Intelligent, thought-provoking and always pushing the boundaries of metal music, Metallica have remained at the top of their game whilst other groups have fallen by the wayside. Nevertheless, the band’s dynamic has changed drastically since they first came together in 1982, with them working their way through numerous bassists and continuing after the tragic death of bassist Cliff Burton. Always keeping the fans guessing, Metallica have managed to appeal to the mainstream whilst never compromising their artistic integrity as countless new generations of fans discover their music.


This is an Unofficial piece, but worth while for the hard core fan. The video doesn’t contain many interviews with the band but a lot with people around the band (e.g. Kirks brother in Law, the lead lorry driver on the Justice tour) and also a few wanna be’s who are blatantly pretending they are somebody. 

The woman’s voice is hilarious and there is no Metallica music to back up the interviews (as it’s un-authorised) therefore we get to see some gash drumming and thrashing by some band that doesn’t exist outside the relm of this video (quality…) 

It’s divided into Chapters (Can’t remember the names offhand as I write this) going through the bands career chronologically (kind of). The highlights are interviews with people like Chuck Billy from testament and seeing Cliffs Memorial outside Marshal middle school. They also go to the Hole that the boys took Jason to in order to tell him he got the job, and have and interview with the girl who won the more recent play bass with Metallica Competition (before Rob joined). 

It really does put images to events, and faces to people you might have read about in ‘tallica biographies. I found that real cool. The quality of the production of this video is so dodgy and some of the things they show are only interesting for people who are really really into the band. I like this though cos Metallica couldn’t release something so self absorbed but you know we want it. 

This is a nice piece for the hard core. If you don’t mind laughing at the un-authorised feel of it and the poor music then I’d suggest getting this baby.

Love and Respect…Ed.


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