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Metallica Garage Inc.
Disc 1 Track List:

Free Speech For The Dumb
It's Electric
Sabbra Cadabra
Turn The Page
Die, Die My Darling
Mercyful Fate
Whiskey In The Jar
Tuesday's Gone
The More I See
Disc 2 Track List:

The Small Hours
The Wait
Crash Course In Brain Surgery
Last Caress / Green Hell
Am I Evil?
The Prince
Stone Cold Crazy
So What
Killing Time
Damage Case
Stone Dead Forever
Too Late Too Late
Release Date: November 24th 1998

Recording Location & Date: Disc 1 The Plant Studios Sausalito, California September - October 1998 "Tuesdays Gone" recorded live at KSJO San Jose, California December 18th 1997

Recording Location & Date: Disc 2

Tracks 1-5 A&M & Conway, Los Angeles July 1987
Tracks 6-7 Sausalito, California Spring 1984
Tracks 8-9 One On One Recording, Los Angeles, California February 1988
Track 10 Berkeley, California 1990
Tracks 11-12 One On One Recording, Los Angeles, California 1991
Tracks 13-16 The Plant Studios Sausalito, California December 13th 1995

Producers: Metallica, Flemming Rasmussen, Mark Whitaker and Bob Rock

The Band: 
James Hetfield - Guitar Vocals
Lars Ulrich - Drums
Kirk Hammett - Guitars
Jason Newsted - Bass
Cliff Burton - Bass (Disc 2 - Tracks 6-7)


Turn The Page
Whiskey In The Jar
Die, Die My Darling

Turn The Page
Whiskey In The Jar
Die, Die My Darling
Last Caress

Features all the cover songs Metallica have recorded over the years plus 11 new cover songs from 1998. 

Lars: "We make albums like Garage Inc. because they're fun to do. Doing covers has always been a great way for us to break away from our normal recording process. It allows for a much looser approach, and it's always fun taking other people's songs and adding our own spin to them."


This is truly a gem. For yearís collectors of Metallica started out by trying to get all the cool b-sides like these cover songs from a variety of Singles, EPís and Japanese albums. The time came though and all these precious stones of the metal world were put on one release along with a whole CD of new cover songs. 

The original covers are just superb, virtually no post production but they are just raw well mixed recordings and give a cool just freshly played feel. These songs wouldnít be half as good if they were produced like the black album or Load, the rawness adds such a carefree fun feel, which is what covers are all about.

Stand out tracks have to include 

Last Caress, often played live itís just a short burst of punk attitude that gets you buzzing so quick.

Am I Evil a classic Diamond Head song which has a cool evil intro drum beat.

Blitzkrieg by a band of the same name has the coolest bluesy solo section ever gets you pumped right up from the soul outwards.

Breadfan by Budgie is a super groovy all out song this has so much energy and Iím sure songs like fuel by the boys wouldnít be the same without inspiration from this song.

There are so many cool songs on the old stuff CD (CD2) but too many to mention.

The new CD is a real treat. A mix of old covers like Misfits Die Die my Darling with all the punk attitude of the late 70ís sung brilliantly by James. Then some real different ones chosen simply because of how they sounded and what could be done with the original. For example Loverman is no song any of the boys listened to back in the day but is a great song to cover simply because of how James sings it really bringing out the luxury of his low-end vocal chordian. Great.

Thereís a Sabbath cover (Sabbath bloody Sabbath) ageing more old school along with Merciful Fate. 

For me I think Whiskey in the Jar (Thin Lizzy originally an Irish folk song) is a great feel good sing along treat, heavy though at the same time somehow. Goes down a fucking treat in Ireland.

Turn the page is another song that shows how Metallica are in my mind the best cover band in the world (not that they are a cover band - you know what I mean) Take a softer older song and inject tonnes of spunk (not semen) into it. It just comes alive and the video they did is cool too.

The real stand out different song is Tuesdays gone a Lynard Skynard classic, it was done as a jam with Some old harmonica dude (ĎPopsí) and Pepper from COC, itís got such a great vibe to it. I love this song. Its a real blues classic. My house burned down my girlfriend left me my best friend is my horse, that kinda vibe.

Well thatís all I gotta say but this is a great album for just celebrating the joy of music in so many different forms. Done by the best, done by the boys.

Ace 2004


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