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Metallica Master Of Puppets

Track List:

Master Of Puppets 
The Thing That Should Not Be 
Welcome Home (Sanitarium) 
Disposable Heroes 
Leper Messiah 
Damage, Inc.

Release Date: February 21st 1986

Recording Location & Date: Sweet Silence Studios Copenhagen, Denmark September-December 1985

Producer: Metallica & Flemming Rasmussen
The Band: 
James Hetfield - Guitar, Vocals
Lars Ulrich - Drums
Cliff Burton - Bass
Kirk Hammett - Lead Guitar

Master of Puppets 7" (France only)

Master Of Puppets

No singles were really released from this album and yet it still went gold and multi-platinum. Remastered in 1995.

Cliff Burton: "It took too long. We didn't manage our time all that well, but the songs were all real good and what we came out with was very good. Like I said, we could've managed our time a bit better, but all in all it was, I think, quite a success." 
Kirk: "Manipulation (album theme). Various forms of manipulation, which can go into entirely different subjects which we could talk about for hours."


Master of puppets … Well well well, where do you start. Probably a lot of peoples favourite album, this one seems to combine all the greatness of early Metallica on an album. Heavy duty crushing riffs, an in your face attitude, and it is technically brilliant and the song writing on it is superb. The poster at the time said, over 50 minutes of music from the masters of Metal… and I cannot believe anyone would have been disappointed. There’s 8 tracks as on RTL but they are all pretty long, they follow the same structure as RTL the classic order of….1) fast one, 2) title track, 3) slow heavy one, 4) heavy Ballard, 5) all rounder, 6) all rounder, 7/8) instrumental/ fast one. 

So lets start from the top, 

Battery…Starts with a classical intro and then soon throws you into a heavy beat then bang into the fucking fast riff to destroy everything…the second that kicks in you just wanna go mental, which is what the song is about so lets say the music fits. The whole song Whips you into a fury and just gives you energy you thought you didn’t have. Maybe the best thrash song ever written…maybe… The solo is superb the drums relentless whilst being very dynamic. My fav bit is the end of the solo going into this down strummed crushing fast riff that makes me see Jason Newsted windmill moshing to it every time I hear it (Note: he wasn’t on this album but has obviously played it live plenty). If you want to see what I mean watch Battery played in the ’89 Seattle show off live shit…Great. 

There’s a cymbal fade out then Bang straight into Puppets.. This song has everything, speed, energy, menace, slow bits, melody chunky bits and brilliant lyrics. The dynamics of the song are like two halves the first half is the Meat of the song riff wise and the second half is a build up from a break down then back into the main riffing. This is done through melody followed by a bludgeoning heavy riff section. The solo is again classic, and the drums and bass tight, dirty and with attitude. Hey we have ourselves here a 20th century classic. 

The thing that should not be………. Fuck probably the heaviest song written by the band… maybe ever... and lets face it I don’t think any of us could say with 100% conviction that they haven’t at least tried to damage their necks to the point of spinal abrasion upon listening to the sweet sounds of the thing… Here there’s a chilling tale of horror told. A dark evil heavy song…the lyrics add weight to the song that takes the straight forward crushing riffs to a new level. My favourite line quotes HP Lovecraft “Not dead which eternal lie, stranger eons death may die”…..and so he might…and so he might. Love this one people love it like a grandson. 

Welcome Home and if that home be a sanitarium … so be it.. This is another classic song and is a live favourite.. Follows the same kinda arrangement as Fade and later on with the soft verse heavy chorus soft heavy then going fast/heavy all the rest of the way. It peaks just before the fast/heavy end half of the song where James screams Sanitarium just leave me alone (live it’s leave me the fuck alone…nice one James). Nuts drumming bass going crazy and solo’s making your ears implode. The song ends in a drum guitar ensemble then a crazy fill to polish off an expert piece of song writing. This is such a good song and Hectors fav Metallica piece…mmm.. last time I saw him anyway. 

Disposable hero’s is considered album filler to the ignorant, however this is a huge slab of metal that reigns upon the like a counterweight made of lead about to snap from some faulty tensile wire. The intro is chunky and means business and this is all out riffing all the way. Played live very few times but a classic album song…I was born for dying… 

Bow to …Leper Messiah…. This one about the corrupt state of churches and evangelists in the US is probably the grooviest song on the album, however this is a sick groove and the lyrics are biting. Very menacing. The riff work is very tight and very clinical, which applies to most of the album. One of my long lasting favourites. 

Orion….Words not necessary….listen to this song cos words are futile. Lets just say it was Cliffs Epitaph and knowing the greatness of Cliff … A master piece. 

Damage inc.. This is another all out fast song but in a more menacing way to say battery. Very fast… The drumming here is littered with astonishing licks and fills, very creative. The solo on this song is my favourite off the album, very fast and in your face. If this song wasn’t played with clinical precision it wouldn’t work…….but it works alright more than that it makes you realise the futility of the thrash movement after 1986. 

Over all 10/10 100% the killer, the slaughter, the badger.

Ace Star 2004





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