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S.K.O.M. film premiere, Odeon Leicester Square, London 01,10,2004


skomticket.jpg (6764 bytes)


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A-Star beard band Cap'ns of pool Who loves Metworld Crispy duck please Steve sexy!

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Steve  Gimme fuel gimme flyer Grrrr Metworld at worlds end 

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Steve N Ace Stu Tat Scotch steak Whats that? XXXGilly


The day came for myself (Ed) to finally see the movie of the year, the thing everyone in the Metworld camp had been perplexing themselves vocally and mentally about for a good we go. I took a half day off from the feast that is animal torture and headed down to London on the Oxford tube bus. I hit the smoke at around 4pm and tried to call steve to meet up, needless to say he didn't answer his phone til about the 15th try. To cut it short (very bloody short) I met him in Camden town tat shop soon(ish) after. He was discussing the upper arm 'tallica tats being embraced with a fleecing of fire and scrolls as a background. Needless to say conversation thereafter for a good hour was inK related. We then adjourned concordantly to the worlds end pub for a swift couple and a good ol chiittty chat. Some of the photo's you see above were taken there (Steve sexy) needless to say the mood was rife with enthusiasm even at this early stage in the proceedings.

Underground trip later we came out at the square..we immediately hunted for food and after a bit of trouble found the scotch SH and went for a full platter each. The head-waiter was a treat and loved Metallica himself and for our trouble gave me a free plate of chips. Nice one pal. From there we headed to ammusement centre and soon stumbled upon a little treat that is an MTV arcade drum machine. I was quite happy to put stick to skin for the lads to hear a bit of Eddy battering. Poundings of creeping death raised a few eyebrows from passers by.

Next up was meeting Mat at the tube station where we had a bit of catch up. Cads and Mat hadn't met in 5 years. Next on the menu- Intrepid fox and a beer in each hand. Well for most of us bar myself who knew that a pint would mean a fair few pissing interruptions during the film. Here we met a new Metclub fan and Hec had caught Stu whilst we were drumming. More chit chat blah blah give a horse a stoning. Next... the film

We found the place which was a little smaller than we were hoping but tight. Some old boy tried to flyer us with some gash event so being the boys we are we thought fight fire with fire and whipped out our own Metworld flyers and handed them round like we had a paper allergy. Many people getting 'done' a few times but enjoying the spiel from my good mouth all the more each time, almost to the point of premature embellishment. The flyering carried on as we eventually made our way into the cinema and after a bit of musical chairs in the cinema the time came....I thought fuck it stood at the front and asked the auditorium 'Who in here hasn't got a Metworld Flyer' and followed with a request for a cheer for the Metworld and a pic of the whole cinema (See pic3).

Then came the film, my first impression was that it really was going to unravel into something rather special. The start was Jason Leaving and moods being pretty low...followed was arguments about frustrated song writing and control problems. Phil Towle came into the fold and started talking deep. Kirk took to this like a duck that was already in the water Lars was pretty comfortable loving a good chance to chat but James you could tell at this early stage thought 'what is this shit'. James soon got booked into the rehab centre and we watched as Lars and Kirks spirits went wayward. A real treat was Tobin Ulrich who was like a heavy metal Gandalf and was such a character. As we all know there was a happy ending as James returned and they slowly worked out their problems gave Phil the FO after he became a bit too OTT for the boys. Rob joined Lars got extra rich selling paintings for a few mill and they all lived happily....etc... Go see it yourself.

We then all split up and I went back on the Bus to Oxford and the warmth of a heap of feathers.


Yours Festival spiritedly Ed 2004.




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