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S.K.O.M. film preview, Screen on the Green, Islington, London 24,08,2004


skom1.jpg (13950 bytes)


ExteriorSOTG.jpg (53575 bytes) Freedom.jpg (37360 bytes) SOTGGroup.jpg (46972 bytes) SteveArmTat.jpg (59427 bytes) Patrons.jpg (52395 bytes)
Outside the venue Freedom! The S.K.O.M. crew James and tat Inside the venue

JoeQ_A.jpg (48604 bytes) skom3.jpg (27198 bytes) skom2.jpg (26636 bytes) BerlingerSign.jpg (70973 bytes) BerlingerGroup.jpg (54783 bytes)
Q&A with Joe Signed pic Signed pic 2 Signing with Joe The crew with Joe

ToobGroup.jpg (55295 bytes) HecSurfing.jpg (43779 bytes) OllySupper.jpg (45668 bytes)
In the tube Hec surfing Olly filling his face!


Some Kind Of Monster - Preview
Islington Screen On The Green

Stand up Mr. Ollie "Fritz" Smith.  You absolute BEAUTY! 
You can never beat getting the call informing you of a fresh morsel of Metallica news. Especially when it involves the words Some Kind Of Monster and London Preview. When Ollie booked tickets for us to be privy at a one-off screening preview in the compact Screen On The Green in Islington, London, the Metallica embers started to glow healthily once again.  Fuel was added to the fire with the confirmation that we would be meeting up with a stesh of the MetWorld chapter in the city before the event.  Myself and Ollie arrived in London at about half four and after a few calls we met up with our uncle Steve & Hectorial in the prestigious Leicester Square...sadly not where the S.K.O.M. preview was being held.  We jumped on the tube and headed to Islington.  This is where we would be joined by Stuart & Warren.

A collection of fans were loitering out side the compact venue.  We collected out tickets and swapped a few words with our fellow patrons outside before being ushered in and taking our seats.  The capacity was only about 300 which made this preview even more special.  Producer Joe Berlinger was present tonight and personally introduced the film to a rapturous round of applause.  He would also be hanging around after for a Q&A session.  Very impressive.

The film itself is very difficult to describe as it doesn't have a story or a plot.  It starts in the era of Jason leaving and follows events right up to the beginning of the St. Anger tour in the summer of 2003.  The issues covered range from being amusing to down right scary.  It brings home how close things came for Metallica to go their separate ways. James and Lars' difference of opinions grow into some savage scenes.  Rehab, home life, the new album, Dave Mustaine, Napster and the finding of Jason's replacement. It's all there and cumulates with the band being back, stronger than ever and going back on the road with St. Anger .  The closing are scenes almost as good as being at a gig.  James psyching up during The Ecstasy Of Gold before hitting the stage.  It sums up the film perfectly. A family re-united and ready to get back to business.

Over two hours later the film drew to a close and we were treated to a Q&A session with Joe.  He opened up his mind and heart and talked freely with us for a good half hour.  We then went on to meet him and get some fliers signed and photos taken.

We were treated to some sexy, urban escalator surfing by Hec on the way back into the heart of the city.  This is where we went our separate ways. Myself and Fritz settled in for a few beers back in Leicester Square before making for the last train back to reality.

In all the S.K.O.M. experience was amazing.  It gave me a better understanding of Metallica and an insight into some of the stories that were flying about a few years ago.  Ollie and Steve were made up as footage from the MTV Rock am Ring gig was featured, gifting the audience to a few shots of them showing front row commitment. 
Bring on the DVD release as it looks like being a real treat with some horny extra footage.

As always, it was great to be back in the fold with the MetWorld guys. 

Friday October 1st............. do yourself a favour and get yourself a ticket for Some Kind Of Monster.  You will not be left disappointed.

Cads 2004


Order of Events


Introduction by Joe Berlinger

Some Kind Of Monster plays

Questions and Answers with Joe Berlinger

Meet and Greet with Joe Berlinger






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