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Werchter Festival, Werchter, Belgium 02/07/2004


WerchterTicket0001.jpg (33094 bytes)


Some of the pictures below courtesy of

WerchterSign0001.jpg (18653 bytes) july2_1.jpg (31889 bytes) july2_2.jpg (32811 bytes) WerchterField0001.jpg (41521 bytes) WerchterSunset0001.jpg (31558 bytes)
Cads in the fold Mr meet and greet! A view of the festival Festival site Sunset over the stage
july204_8.jpg (25253 bytes) july204_9.jpg (33672 bytes) july204_10.jpg (16902 bytes) july204_11.jpg (32097 bytes) july204_12.jpg (30615 bytes)
James with Justin from the Darkness Rob posing for the camera Pyro city! on stage with the boys James being filmed from the stage Crowd surfing isn't appreciated.
july204_13.jpg (16147 bytes) july204_14.jpg (18784 bytes) july204_15.jpg (16023 bytes) july204_16.jpg (32703 bytes)
Headbang! Lars wants more Rob and Kirk Some fanatics


Cads was the only Metworld member who made the pilgrimage to Belgium for the Werchter Festival...Fair play to you Cads!

Belgium. Home of the worst truck drivers in the world, Jean Claude Van-damme, Mullets, Chips n Mayo, Dog Shit Cigars and tonight they were playing host to a band called Metallica. After a not so clement crossing into Europe from Dover, our coach pushed north into Belgium through the wind and rain. The campers on the excursion to Werchter 2004 looked a tad pensive. We arrived at the festival site by early evening ready to take in the main acts on the main stage. The first thing that struck me was how similar the main arena was to the PukkelPop site that I could remember from 1997. Very flat with lots of trees. If you'd never been to a Euro-festival before you'd think the promoter had been on the Stella while booking the acts. Today at Rock Werchter the likes of the Sugababes were gracing the Pyramid stage. They tend to have some really strange line-ups! Rock Am Ring last year had The Cardigans on 2 acts before Iron Maiden... The Darkness played a good set and the 50,000 punters seemed to love them. Not bad for a band that played Folkestones Leas Cliff Hall only a few months ago! Korn did their usual stuff which came across better than their set at Donington. It included the One jam and Pink Floyd's Another Brick In the Wall. Blind, Freak, Got The Life and Shoots & Ladders set the crowd alight. Before long the stage was being set for the boys. Full set up with the ego-ramps behind Lars' kit. Due to it not getting dark until late the Ecstasy Of Gold finally sounded at about 11pm. The usual openers followed by The Four Horsemen was as good as ever. After Welcome home and Frantic came a pant filling moment... James booming vocals "Fortune Fame, Mirror Vane....Gone Insane..." The Memory Remains! I'd been bleating on about getting this in Paris the week before and my wish finally came true. I was physically hacking up bile during the crowd chanting parts due to screaming my guts out to hard. Could it get any better??? Yes, next up was No Leaf Clover, another of my favourites. The rest of the set was the usual mix of classics. We were treated to some amazing pyro's from the stage as well as from the roof during Fuel, One & Sandman. The show drew to a close with Seek & Destroy not before getting Jump in The Fire. This was vintage Metallica at their very best. A couple of new ones, mixed with some not so new ones and delivered like only Metallica can. Awesome. Just a shame they weren't playing on last day of the festival as the rest of the weekend seemed a come down in comparison.

Cads 2004


Set List

The Four Horsemen
Welcome Home (Sanitarium)
The Memory Remains
No Leaf Clover
St. Anger
Sad But True
Creeping Death
Wherever I May Roam
Nothing Else Matters
Master of Puppets
Enter Sandman
Jump In The Fire
Seek And Destroy






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